Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Dirty Like That!

I must admit, now that I have kids, I no longer get to watch the news.  Not that I was ever a real news junkie.

The only place I get to catch up on the news is on the Internet and I must also admit that I only read the catchy headlines on Yahoo News, and that is not top quality for up to the date stories.  But they are fun and easy to read.  My personal favorite was :

"Woman Shoots Husband Accidentally While Aiming For Puppy"


One of the more recent Yahoo News uproar is the news of a pending Dirty Dancing remake!

I can't tell you how upset people are with this idea.

I loved this movie and still tune in when it's on tv.  And I wonder, are people more upset with this idea because Patrick Swayze is dead?  My guess is probably...but in my eyes, it was a wonderful movie and I will not bother to watch a remake (same goes for Footloose, btw)

I have fond memories of watching Dirty Dancing with my parents.  I wanted to be graceful like Jennifer Gray's character, Baby.

Actually, I even remember insisting my dad catch me and lift me up into the air, like at the end of the movie.

Keep in mind that I was about 9 and could picture the scene being JUST like in the movie.  I had it all planned...we had a very long hallway, I would start at one end, run on tiptoe, as to look all dancer like, and leap into the awaiting arms of my hero (again, I was male hero WAS my dad!)  He would scoop me up like nothing and my mother would applaud at how wonderful we were!  Now that I am older, I am pretty sure in real life, it would have been more like that scene out of Dodgeball, when the nerdy kid lifts the fat girl in cheerleader tryouts! (If you don't know what I mean, go rent the movie NOW....very funny!)

So, all in all, the original was great, I don't think it needs a remake and Patrick Swayze was damn sexy!!

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