Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Didn't Know I Was Such A Worthy Valentine!


That sums up Feb. 14 for this gal.  Ok, well actually, it started on the Friday, but who am I to split hairs.

In our house, Valentine's Day is one of those hit and miss holidays.  If we think of it or there is money for it, we get each other something.  No divorce papers will be filed if someone comes home empty handed.  A kiss and a "Happy Valentine's Day" is all I need to be happy.

I got way more than that this year! 

Friday night, as a family we went out for dinner.  On Sunday, Brian came home from town with a dozen roses and then yesterday, he came home with chocolates and a card.
The Chocolate and Card
(the yummy chocolates, I had to
rearrange them so you couldn't
tell we already had some!)

The Roses

So, just when I thought my gift receiving was complete, my dad pops over.  BIG surprise, he had Hayden hand me a gift box from Mappin's Jewelry.  Inside was a lovely silver heart pendant! ( mom got one too, just in case you thought he better look after his own sweetie instead)

The Bling from my daddy!
Monday night was filled with heart shaped goodies.  Last year I bought a heart shaped baking sheet and intended to make the most of it.  We had heart shaped pizza and each of the kids had a Valentine's Day party today (Tuesday) that I had to make treats for.  Sorry, no pictures of the pizza.  We were too hungry for a photo shoot.

Hayden's treat, mini rice krispie squares

Abby's treat, heart shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie
I spent all night in the kitchen baking and cleaning up, but it was worth it :-)

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