Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tiny Tootsies

Abby is now 14 1/2 months old and I JUST bought her a pair of shoes!  GASP! I know, but hey, it's winter, and she doesn't go out in the snow, so she doesn't need boots. Plus, she does have a pair of Robeez that she uses all the time.  But, she LOVES shoes.  If mine are off my feet, she has them on.  One day, she even bugged me to put Hayden's size 9 running shoes on her feet.  Despite the fact that they would only stay on if she was standing, she was in heaven and did manage to walk around the living room in them.

So, I went to payless shoes and picked her up two pairs.  In my mind, I had a vision of the photos I would take and the post I would create out of them.  I am not a photographer, and I didn't manage to capture exactly what I wanted, but here it goes anyway.

Abby checking out her new boot, it's an "Ugg" style boot

In infant size, it's an "Aww" boot

Before the fashion show
The "Uggs"
Every little girl needs a pair of brown and pink sneakers..
plus, Abby can run like the wind!
She was excited to see them and wanted them on right away.  She knew exactly what to do and pushed her little foot in.  I put them on and she just stomped her feet.  Then, for the rest of the night, she just ran circles around the furniture in the living room.  One pair on her feet, the other pair in her hands!

And just because he is spoiled..
a brand new pair of Buzz Lightyear running shoes for Hayden
that light up when we runs "super fast",
they just make a lot of noise at 6:30 am when he decides to put them on for the day!

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