Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 1850 Mile Pinterest Challenge - April Edition

Well, it feels like that time again and I have been a very busy girl on Pinterest.  It gives you a bit of insight as to what my evenings involve.

Might I add, Pinterest is now my "go to" place for new ideas, whether they be books, crafts or recipies.

First off, I had my eyes on this little beauty for quite some time.  I went to Michael's and picked up the supplies...I won't bother to give you a price run-down, but let's just say, if I wanted to sell them, I would NEVER EVER EVER make my money back!  People would think I was a wacko for asking so much.  But I love it and that is what matters.  Sorry, it wouldn't let me link up to the source!

I also decided that my bike planter needed a spring update, this was my inspiration.

While I was at it, might as well update my Subway art to an easter print.

Speaking of easter, I made this lovely dessert on Good Friday when Brian's family came for a visit and these awesome brownies for the daycare staff on the Monday.

What else...hmm...

Oh yeah, I have been busy planning a baby shower for the newest addition to the MacDonald clan.  I got the idea for the invites here.  Are they not the cutest things ever?!?  I loved them when I was done, plus I got to make use of my Cricut machine!

Last but not least,

I showed you a sneak peek on this blog post about my Pinterest inspired idea for the bathroom.


Some cute artwork!  I already had the frames downstairs, they were a wedding gift.  They just needed some black paint and new pictures of my kiddos in the tub!  Can I tell you just how hard it is to get candid, cute photos?  At one point, I had to tell Hayden to stop looking like a dork in the pictures!

Might I add, I used this tip to hang some of my photos...worked like a charm!  Brian looked at me funny when I first suggested it.  It's my go-to method now!


  1. Are you like the energizer bunny? You are ready for spring and Easter!

    1. I craft so I don't eat! Oh and it lets me avoid "life-stuff" like housework and kids! :-)