Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mom Challenge - Day 4

Kiss your child when they are asleep

This one is a 50/50 pass.  Actually I haven't completed it yet, but I will.  I check on Hayden every night before I crawl in to bed and give him a kiss. I love those peaceful, sleeping faces.

Abby is another story.  First off, she is still in a crib, so I can't reach her to give her one.  My main reason is though that she is a terrible sleeper and if I went in there to do that, she would wake up instantly!

On a side note....tried hard again to not yell at the kids or get too flustered with them.  I did pretty well.  Only caught myself yelling twice, one of them being when Abby was about to dump a bowl of dye for the Easter eggs.  I even survived her 20 minute break-down IN THE GROCERY STORE because I wouldn't let her sit in the basket of the cart.  I made her sit in the actual seat and buckle her in as I needed the room.  IT WAS A FIGHT!!!!  I had to cram her legs in, sit her down and buckle her in before she could pull herself out.  She then screamed at the top of her lungs, hanging over the back, legs out.  Then when I put my items in the cart where she wanted to sit (it was one of those 2-layer carts), she started throwing them out on the floor. This carried on for about 15 minutes...her screaming at the top of her lungs "NO", "ME SIT THERE", "MY SEAT', "NO PUSH ME" (meaning, don't push the cart mom!)  People kept looking, some smirking.  One man said, "boy, some one's not happy"  "Nope, she didn't get to sit where she wanted to today"

FINALLY, about the time we hit the milk, she stopped.  But only because an older gentleman said to her "if you don't' want to sit there, I will"  After that, she was all about the cookie I had picked up in the bakery department for her that was stashed in my pocket when she gave it the death stare!  After that was fine and she was happy.

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