Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom Challenge - Day 3

Hug your child 3 times today.

OK, I think it would be more of a challenge to NOT hug my children 3 times each day.  Hayden is a hug-monster and school drop off required AT LEAST 4!

I suppose it is possible that some parents go the day without hugging their kids 3 times in a day.

Let me also take a moment to review this mom challenge.  When I first read it, it seemed tougher, but now that I am committed to it, it's going well, but heck, I'm only 3 days into it and I feel it broke me in gently.  I do think some of them will be eye opening and if nothing else, blogging about it each day will give me a way to look back and remember how precious these years are.

So, I will continue to blog each day...share it on Facebook and hope you read, but hey, if you only check in once a week or see how I did at the end of the month, I don't blame you!

Oh, and by the way?  I managed to not yell at the kids AGAIN today! :-)

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