Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mom Challenge - Days 17 - 22

It's been a crazy week!  Here is the catch up on the mom challenge for those of you interested

Day 17

Laugh with your child today.

This one is almost impossible to not accomplish.  For anyone who has kids, you laugh everyday.  Whether it's peek-a-boo with Abby or knock-knock jokes with Hayden, things are pretty funny around here.

Day 18

Who is a mom you admire?  What quality of hers can you live out today?

This one is a tie I think between both my mother and my grandmother (MacDonald)  My mom was so sick when I was little and Gramma was a second mother to me.  I learned so much from both of them.  Love of cooking and good food, being patient and kind.  They have skills I can't master, like making a crying baby stop and sleep.  The quality of theirs that I am living out today, is to make it so that "there is no place like home"  I want my kids to breathe a sigh of relief each day when they step through the door, knowing they are coming to a place where they are loved no matter what.

Day 19

Teach your child one thing he/she can do on his/her own.

OK, I didn't do this.  I certainly encourage them everyday though to just try things they think are hard.

Day 20

Today's focus:  Patience.

I didn't do so well with this one either.  It was a rough day at work and I was stressed out.  It all translated back to home and my patience was VERY short with things I would normally just let slide.  I felt terrible for it later and wish it could be undone, but it can't.  That is just how it can't always be perfect.

Day 21

Forgive yourself when you mess up.

I am one of those parents that believes in apologizing to my kids when I am wrong.  That includes being grumpy.  I have been known on occasion to say to Hayden, "Mommy is grumpy today....sorry that I have yelled at you."  He's a great kid...forgives me every time.

Day 22

How do you want your child to remember you?  Be that mom today.

 I want to be remembered as a mom that loved them without strings attached.  I want to be remembered as a mom that was fun to be around.  Hayden knows that even though we might be angry with him or disappointed with him, that we will ALWAYS love him...nothing can change that!
As for being fun...think I won that one today.  We played a bit of hockey outside and then later after dinner...we played Toy Story and I was Bullseye....did you know that Bullseye has to crawl on the floor?  Nope, neither did I when I picked it...I thought I got to sit on the comfy couch and make horse noises.  NOPE!  Apparently, I had to give pony rides as well.  So, Hayden got on first.  I got half way around the coffee table when we were attached by a St. Bernard.  Once Bristol was out of the way, we went a bit further and let Abby have a turn.  We got attacked by the same St. Bernard again and then the ride was over!  Hope they don 't want to make it a regular thing, the floors were hard on my knees and my arms were aching after!

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