Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mom Challenge - Day 5

Tell yourself "He's/she's only 5/2 years old.  He's/she's still a child." Then treat him/her that way.

It can be easy to forget in the shuffle of things to remember that your kids are just!

They have no concept of time or the importance of getting tasks done. All they know is that the world is theirs to explore, Knock Knock jokes that they create and that make no sense to adults are HILARIOUS!,  ice cream is a suitable dinner and if you are lucky, that mom and dad make the world go round.

Brian and I really are blessed with our kids and we know it.  We KNOW we have good children.  They are fairly well behaved (don't picture my last post) or at least, behaved in an age appropriate manner.  They know they are loved and I know they love us.

Tonight, we had to go into town.  In the van, we listened to their stories and jokes, sang their song and answered their MANY questions.

If we go to a store with toys, I always do my best to give them time to look down the toy isle, because to a kid, that is HEAVEN!  On holidays and special occasions, I am fine if their meal for the day only consists of junk food, because I know they don't eat like that everyday and they are too wound up on excitement to want to try turkey or potatoes.  We play in the rain and the mud, because what's wrong with getting a little dirty?  It is through our kids that we once again get to act like kids and remember what pure bliss is all about.  It takes A LOT of work to slow things down and tell yourself to just enjoy the moment and let them be kids.   Because no matter what we may think, they are not grown ups in smaller clothes.  They should have no concept that bad people exist or that bad things happen.  Yes, those things need to be taught, but we should also relish in the innocence of their childhood.  This weekend is a great example...they are both so excited about the Easter Bunny.  Hayden is full of questions about where he lives, how he gets into the house, etc.  Best way to answer?  "how do you think?"  I have learned a number of new things, the main one being is that if you want to find the Easter Bunny, you must look for a giant rabbit hole.  So take a lead from Hayden, head out as a family this weekend and see if you can spot that giant rabbit hole!

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