Monday, April 16, 2012

Mom Challenge - Day 15 & 16

Day 15

Be firm when needed, but not harsh.

For me, this is a matter of not sweating the small stuff.  For example, Abby coloured in one of the storybooks the other day.  I took it away from her and told her we colour on paper, not books!  I wasn't mean about it though and didn't yell at her for it.

Not sweating the small stuff is something I try REALLY hard to accomplish.  So long as safety and well being is not in question, I tend to let them figure it out on their own.  My hope is it helps shape them into the people I want them to be.

Day 16

Picture what you want your child to be at 25, mother with that in mind today.

If my children become adults and have the following qualities, I will be content in knowing that I did the best job I could as a  mother:

  1. Confidence in themselves and their abilities
  2. Kindness to others
  3. Respectful of others and themselves
  4. Forgiving, particularly with family, because in the end, family is most important
  5. Polite
  6. All around nice citizens who think of others first
I am sure there are plenty more things, but these are some of the basics.  They are on their way to being there.  I have had a few proud moments with Hayden.  I have experienced a couple of times when he is ahead of me and someone else holds the door open for him.  He very politely says "thank you".  I also make sure that I tell him I am so proud that he used his manners without being reminded to.

I must say, without sounding like a bragging mother, I feel my children are NICE children.  Legitimately well behaved (within age-appropriate reason) and kind.  I have had others say the same to me about them.

I remember as a young adult, people commenting to my mother how I was such a nice girl.  It made me proud to be that kind of person AND proud to come from a family who taught me the importance of that.  It is my goal to pass on the same legacy.

P.S. - did anyone notice my spelling error from day 12?  I should have been prAying for my children, not prEying for them.  Although there are moments when I can understand parents that eat their young! :-)

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